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Women are powerful beings. However, sometimes it feels like we can't find it, particularly at certain times of the month.  We are at the mercy of our hormonal cycles and if, in our modern busy lives, it starts to go out of whack, we start to see a number of
symptoms that just don't seem to add up and your doctor can't help.


 You no longer have to suffer in silence thinking 'that's just the way it is, I should get on with it.'  The truth is, there are answers that can be tailored around you, your lifestyle and your body.  What's more, they are easy to adopt in your day-to-day life.

Book a discovery call to find out how you can learn to naturally balance your hormones to alleviate abnormal periods, emotional mood swings, brain fog and difficulty in making decisions, depression, digestive issues, thyroid,
inability to manage your weight (whatever we do), sleep patterns, even inexplicable hair loss.

If you can't get to the bottom of why you lack so much energy and feel like your feminine power is lost.  Let's talk.

The Hormone Health Programme

Your hormones are responsible for a litany of symptoms that affect your quality of life from anxiety to weight gain, thyroid issues, digestive issues to hair loss, menorrhagia, or simply abnormal menstrual cycles. 

As women, we've had a tendency to suffer in silence.  In this coaching programme, I lead you through the strategies I employed to regain my health, gain energy, lose weight, overcome depression and improve my mental state, digestion and more.


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This Women's Health Programme will:

Use a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy to help you relax and rediscover a resilient approach that works with your hormones and helps mitigate against the lifestyle triggers such as stress and diet that wreck your hormone balance and overall feeling of wellbeing.  Our goal is to change your experience so that you are no longer struggling.

  • Over a course of sessions over 3 or 6 months, we will track and improve your nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and mindset.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis help you overcome the anxieties, emotions and unrecognised factors that you were unaware were affecting feelings stress, anxiety, being able to cope, depression and your physiology.

  • Learning and applying hormone optimisation strategies tailored around your needs. 

  • Time/energy/work-life balance management

  • Meditation

  • Journals, worksheets and hypnosis downloads

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