Almost two-thirds (64%) of Brits are on a diet, 'most of the time'.  What's more after 5 years, 41% of dieters
gain back more weight than they originally lost. 


So what's going on? Conventional dieting methods simply don't work. We know it has to work, but how?

It's what conventional calorie counting methods don't account for - calorie obsession and denial don't work.

 Mindset has been scientifically-proven as the power behind true health change.

I combine the latest health science with working with your emotions and mindset to finally get results.  In a 3 or 6-month programme you will earn why willpower alone doesn't work, your emotional drivers, develop a healthier relationship with food and finally escape the disappointment and confidence erosion of the yo-yo diet trap.

What is your vision of health and weight loss success?  Start believing you are worth it today.

  Gain happiness and confidence with your health, energy and body shape with a programme that gets to the bottom of your eating and lifestyle habits, emotional drivers, goals for long-term effectiveness.


Hypnotherapy for Weight Management
& Sugar Addiction

Discover and resolve the reasons why you have struggled to lose or gain weight.

A 3 or 6-month programme of NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching where you'll learn to identify and manage your diet and exercise triggers and habits more effectively by:

  • Identify and resolve emotional triggers for your eating and exercise.

  • Identify negative thought patterns that are destroying your success and learn how to manage them.

  • Learn how to proactively manage triggers or situations that encourage unhealthy or over-eating.

  • Develop a health goal plan and work on your goals with your coach as your accountability partner.

  • Overcome addictive food habits and gain a healthy relationship with food.

  • Understanding how your current life balance is affecting eating and exercise habits.

  • Lifestyle management covering nutrition, sleep and exercise plans.

  • Generate new positive eating, emotional and exercise habits.

  • Add in new strategies that contribute to your physiological and body-weight balance.

  • Journals, worksheets and hypnosis downloads.


Location: London, Brighton & Hove or Hurstpierpoint Practice Rooms or UK-wide or internationally via Skype.   


3 or 6-month programmes.

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