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Stress Management Workshops 2020

How to Manage Stress & Boost Productivity

When stress sets in, productivity suffers.  It's as simple as that.  Talented staff lose their verve, drive and decision-making ability.  Sickness and absence rates start to creep up and valuable employees start leaving.  Recruitment and sickness costs start to soar never mind the significant opportunity cost in productivity and profit.   Stress is a silent business killer from senior management down to the shop floor. 

"As part of Brighton and Hove Investigations annual training day I had planned an afternoon regarding staff welfare both physical and mental for our staff. Alison attended and gave a presentation on stress and maintaining mental health, the talk was very well received and for the days afterwards I could hear staff talking about it. A number of officers approached me and talked about having acted on the information provided by Alison and were already seeing improvements with their sleep and stress levels. From this point it was an absolute success, and I suspect that absences due to these issues are likely to reduce."
DI Chris Thompson, Sussex Police

One Day Stress Management Workshop

A one-day workshop for up to 20 people, designed to enable employees manage work and life stress factors more effectively resulting in fewer sickness and absence days, lower churn and growing motivation, engagement and productivity.

Work can be a significant stressor in many people's lives but it's not the only one. A holistic approach to stress management designed around the demands on people's lives, provides a sustainable approach to stress resilience improving mental and physical health and engagement at work.  At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn the science behind how stress really works and its effect

  • The symptoms of stress & its effect on health & mental agility

  • Identify individual stress triggers and learn how to manage their stress response

  • Stress management hacks that can be easily adapted to individual needs

  • Learn the importance of mindset and strategies for managing it

  • Discover factors they never knew they had control over that improve stress resilience

  • Learn to recognise stress symptoms in co-workers and provide support, working together more effectively

  • Put together their own personal stress management plan based on our 9-point approach to stress resilience

  • Gain improved sleep, energy and mindset.

The Stress Management Framework

20% Discount for 2020 Workshops

Group workshops  - based on 20 people

All training includes downloadable hypnosis tracks

 - Stress management

 - Sleep

Discount available for bookings made before 15th January 2020.

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Standard Price:

Group workshop £5000

or, £275 pp for smaller groups

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