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What if it didn't have to be a struggle any more to quit smoking,  How would that change your life for the better, now? 


Hypnosis is a time-proven method to help you kick unwanted habits and fears for good, and to enable you to change your life for the better with new, consistent habits that sustain a healthy and happy life. 

With hypnotherapy you can stop in as little as one session.


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of AIP, the Association for Integrative Psychology, I can help. 
Please call if you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy could help you in another area. 

Smoking Cessation

Quit Smoking for Good with Hypnotherapy

A course of hypnotherapy sessions that enable you to stop smoking for good. ​​

Statistics from the British Medical Journal show that on average, it can take people more than 30 attempts to stop smoking.  So, firstly, if this isn't the first time you have tried to stop smoking you are not alone.  Secondly, if it is your first time, you are in the right place because most approaches to stopping smoking are hard because of two things:

1) They keep nicotine in your system for longer than is necessary making cravings more likely and, 

2) They don't address the reasons why you feel you need to smoke.

Whether than is anxiety, stress, feeling confident in social situations...or perhaps you don't know and it's simply become a habit because you started smoking when everyone else did; hypnotherapy and NLP help you resolve these reason, develop new, healthy habits and kick the nicotine craving. 

Quit quicker, for good, with Alison.  With your own personal coach you will be on track to:

  • Be successful in being a non-smoker for good.  Lose your cravings and eliminate your smoking triggers with no more bouncing back and forth between cigarettes and going cold turkey.

  • Release yourself from beating yourself up for slipping back into smoking - because you will have quit!

  • Save around £3600 per year - how will you treat yourself and your family?

  • Improve your health, gain energy and breathe easier.

  • Gain freedom from the reasons you needed to lean on cigarettes and gain resilience in future situations.

  • Improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and stress.

  • A healthier, happier you, released from the your nicotine and smoking jail.



7 to 10-Days pre-session work which must be completed before the first session commences, or your 'first day as a non-smoker'. 


You could be a non-smoker in as little as 2-hours. 


In a 2-hour session using both NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnotherapy techniques. In it, we unravel your reasons for smoking and your triggers and install new positive habits. 


In total, you have the opportunity of 3, 2-hour sessions, available to you, if you need them. 


Everyone smokes for different reasons.  Some people are non-smokers in as little as one, 2-hour session, others may take a little longer to identify and resolve all their triggers which is why I make additional sessions available if required, to ensure we gain the result you want - to be a non-smoker. 


In the unlikely event that you will need it... you will also get resources for use at home including:


  • De-stress hypnosis MP3

  • Maximising health hypnosis MP3

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