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When under stress, exhausted or when experiencing emotional events such as relationship breakdowns, for no reason that we can understand, we can lose our ability to sleep well and insomnia sets in. 

By using a combination of mindset coaching, neuro linguistic programming,  hypnosis and scientific approaches to good sleep, I help individuals and beat stress, thought patterns, habits and resolve emotions that are blocking your ability to get a good night's sleep.

For businesses, I provide sleep wellbeing training and workshops for managers and employees as well as one-to-one coaching.


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of AIP, the Association for Integrative Psychology, I can help. 
Below are some of my packages, please call if you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy could help you in another area. 

The i-Sleep Programme (Individuals)

In hypnotherapy and NLP breakthrough programme, mean you no longer have to count sheep and can find the sleep you've been searching for.

This Sleep Programme will

use a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy and sleep health know-how and science to help you relax and re-discover a healthy pattern for sleeping.

Over a course of sessions, we will track and improve your sleeping habits, feel healthier and gain energy.

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis help you overcome the anxieties, emotions and unrecognised factors that you were unaware were affecting your sleep patterns.

  • Learn and apply sleep strategies that work for you

  • Lifestyle management inc: nutrition, sleep and exercise plans

  • Time/energy/work-life balance management

  • Meditation

  • Journals, worksheets and hypnosis downloads

Location: Brighton & Hove, London or Hurstpierpoint 


Your Personalised Sleep Audit

Discover and resolve the reasons why you have struggled to lose or gain weight.

Understand your sleep patterns better and how to improvement with this comprehensive, personalised report.  This sleep audit covers:

  • The science bits! Understanding your sleep and the role hormones play

  • Your routines and habits and how they affect your sleep

  • Diet and exercise

  • Work vs. homelife

  • Your mindset and how to make improvements to help your life both awake and asleep.


When you purchase a Personalised Sleep Audit, you will get 15% off coaching and sleep hypnotherapy to help consolidate your new sleep patterns more quickly.

Sleep Programmes for Business

Is Lost Sleep Costing You Productivity?

"RAND Europe discovered sleep deprivation in the UK workforce costs the economy £40.2 billion in loss of productivity and estimates this will steadily rise in cost to £47 billion by 2030, if current trends continue."

With a background in business, we deliver training designed around your organisation that combines business need and human physical and psychology. 


Our ethos is to enable your humans to work at maximum productivity without finding themselves at breaking point.  That way they are more happy, productivity and motivated and your business is more profitable with a healthier and more engaged workforce. Our business background is combined with NLP (neurolinguistic programming), coaching tools, clinical hypnotherapy, nutrition and sleep science.

  • Sleep education workshops for all staff

  • Workshops for managers

  • Individual sleep audits and plans for staff and managers

  • Mindfulness and meditation workshops

  • One-to-one coaching/hypnotherapy for sleep and stress management

  • Employee engagement monitoring & reporting

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