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Confidence - Competition Performance

Do you ever wish you could overcome nerves that maybe come over you unexpectedly or feel like they are impeding
your progress or experience as a rider?


Would you like to find out how much you could improve your riding for competition?


Do you lack confidence on horseback but you're not sure why - or know why but don't know what to do about it?

Coaching Package - One Month

NLP and Hypnotherapy for Improved Performance & Confidence

Pre-coaching work - your goals and your challenges

Get to Know You Session – 1.5 hours at your stables. I get to know
about you and your relationship with your horse and watch you
ride.  If this is a riding lesson, even better and I'll consult with your instructor on your goals and challenges as well.  We will also talk about mindset and how this affects your riding. This session will be videoed for reference later. 

Breakthrough NLP (neurolinguistic programming)/ hypnosis session 

 (3 hours)


Personalised Hypnosis Recording - based around overcoming your personal goals and chellenges and developing new patterns and behaviours.

Follow-on sessions - 1 riding assessment at the end of your 30 days ( 1 hour) and goal review plus 1 hour coaching/hypnotherapy session during your month of coaching.

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Hypnosis and NLP are powerful tools for change.  They both work on the unconscious mind where your thoughts, automated physical movement, emotions and fears reside and this is why they are powerful for riders.  Sometimes, unknowingly things in our wider life that are affecting us emotionally (even stress) will impact our riding because they will affect how we move, how we breathe and how tense our muscles all.  All of these affect how successful our riding is, our horses read our energy and respond to our bodies as we ride. 


My job is to help you unlock the worries or emotions that are affecting your confidence as well as how well you sit on your horse and work with them.  Maybe all you need to be is more relaxed to do the best dressage test ever or perhaps its mindset and you lose belief in yourself as soon as you step in the ring.  These are all things we can work with.


I use video and photography for two reasons.  Not all of us have mirrors in our schools and can see where tension may be residing in the body.  With a video, I can show you where you've tensed and notice when that destructive, negative or anxious thought came in just before it.  This helps you understand what you need to work on and how your thoughts affect your physical response and your riding. 

Secondly, and importantly, I want you to see your progress and how things change!

Three-Month Coaching Package

Whether you are a weekend hacker or have competitive goals, this three-month coaching programme is designed to really elevate your riding, unravelling your limiting beliefs, fears, emotional reactions and physical responses.

  • Pre-coaching work - I will ask you to complete a task that will look at what you feel your challenges are as a rider, rate them and identify your goals.

  • Get to Know You Session - I will come to a riding lesson or schooling session and watch you ride and interact with your horse and talk about how mindset affects your performance and how you work with your horse physically .  I will also chat with your instructor about what you're working on and why.  I will also video how you are riding now for comparison later ( 2-3 hours).

  • Breakthrough NLP(neurolinguistic programming)/ hypnosis session - we will work on your challenges, emotions and stresses relating to riding but also your wider life as how you are feeling in your life as a whole, will affect your emotions and, particularly if you are experiencing a lot of stress, your riding and what you transmit to your horse.  We will do an hypnosis if applicable at this point. (3 hours)

  • Hypnosis recording - from everything I have learnt so far, I will record a personalised hypnosis track for you to use in-between sessions designed to help you towards your goals. 

  • Action Plan and Goals - we will put together an action plan for your development over the next couple of months.  

Months 2-3

  • Follow-on sessions - 1 riding assessment (I watch a riding lesson/consult your instructor/watch a schooling session) per month ( 1.5 hour) and goal review, plus 1 hour coaching/hypnotherapy session per month. 

  • Homework - you will complete tasks and deliver a pre-session feedback form about how you are doing before each session. 

  • Updated hypnosis recording, if required. 

  • Final session - video of your riding now and rating of how far you feel you have come.

My Equestrian Credentials

Probably like you, I've been around horses all my life.   I started teaching at 13, started training for BHS AI, competed, had my own horses, first an anglo-arab and then an Irish Draught X. I then gave it up for university where I competed in inter-university competitions.  I had a break through my 20s to explore other things and then game back to horses via polo, which I did for ten years.  In that time, I played, coached and groomed.  I helped a lot of adults gain confidence both in riding and playing for the first time.  When I left polo, I kept my polo pony who (in spite of a number of long lay-offs for injury), I am re-training for dressage (and also myself!). 

My skillset lies in the area of observation and horse and human psychology.  As a Master NLP practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, I work with people both in business and their private lives to help them drive the change and performance they need.  This human coaching expertise enables me to help you develop a stronger, more relaxed, more confident and clear-thinking mindset to either simply enjoy your riding more, or find the performance you have always craved when stepping into the ring. 

Through personal experience, I know how stress and events in your personal life can directly affect your riding results; even though that might be the last thing you want - or expect.   I want to help you learn a positive mindset and overcome your fears and nerves for that red rosette kind of riding life! Let's do it! Call me today and let's talk about how I can help. 

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