The Resilient Woman Online Workshop
How to beat stress and be the super woman you want to be be - for life

Let's face it, we're super women. 


There is little we can't do.


But all too often, we're stressed, frazzled by the demands of work, family and a life that seems to go at warp speed. 


But stress is more than feeling tired, it affects our mental and physical health, relationships, motivation and ability to deliver at work, sleep suffers, our menstrual cycles go haywire, anxiety increases and it seems like everything we wanted, just doesn't have a lustre any more. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

Stress is a response and there is an holistic way to manage it to raise your resilience for life. You have more control than you imagine - even if you have hundreds of emails in your inbox. 


The science of stress & your response

Stress from a women's perspective

The 11 key areas that you can adapt to make a difference to your stress response and life as a whole

Creating your personalised plan with the

 Resilient Woman Workshop approach




2nd January 2020 - 7PM (GMT) 

Resilient Woman Intro Webinar

Thursday 2nd January, 7pm

The Resilient Woman Online Workshop
How to beat stress and be the super woman you want to be be - for life


12-week live online stress management & resilience coaching workshop designed for women and supporting each other.

Make sustainable changes to key areas of your life from mindset to sleep, nutrition to hormones, work relationships & more.



Private, closed Facebook providing a daily support network and resources such as free hypnosis tracks, worksheets,

information sheets and playback recordings from coaching sessions.

Three month's coaching, 12 workshops, support and learning resources
for just £45 per month for 3 months.
Sign up for the free intro webinar to find out more at no obligation.
One-to-One Coaching

Opt to add one-to-one online coaching with Alison.  Alison is a Master NLP Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Specialist. 
Add personal coaching from £150 for 2 x 1 hour sessions. 

Your Coach

Alison Prangnell
 Stress Specialist , Master NLP Coach,

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello, I'm Alison, I started working with individuals and businesses on stress management following my own experience of Burnout and finding my health. I am passionate about reducing stress for individuals and businesses, in particular for women who have additional cultural, gender and hormonal stressors.  

I am the author of 'Primal Queen - The 21st Century Woman's Guide to Stress & Managing Everything', out in 2020. 

I would love to help you, find out more about how in the free webinar.

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