Understand your sleep patterns better and how to improvement with this comprehensive, personalised report.  This sleep audit covers:

  • The science bits! Understanding your sleep and the role hormones play
  • Your routines and habits and how they affect your sleep
  • Diet and exercise
  • Work vs. homelife
  • Your mindset and how to make improvements to help your life both awake and asleep.


When you purchase a Personalised Sleep Audit, you will get 15% off coaching and sleep hypnotherapy to help consolidate your new sleep patterns more quickly.

Personalised Sleep Audit Report

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  • This report is collated from the information you provide in your Anderida Coaching Sleep Survey and contains recommendations for the improvement of your sleep patterns for better health.


    Please note, this survey and report is not a substitute for medical advice you could receive via your GP for chronic sleeping difficulties e.g. as a result of physical disability, mental conditions, substance abuse or sleep apnea. In addition if you or someone in your family has suffered from depression, alcohol problems, suicide or suicide attempts, or if you have been treated by a mental health professional then you should see your GP with regards to your sleep problems.

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