Out in Spring 2019, Burnout Bounceback helps you understand stress better and build your own personalised plan for managing stress according to your life.  In this book you will learn the 360 approach I use in my one-to-one coaching programmes to help you build a resilience for the long-term.  It includes:


  • The science of stress
  • How stress affects your health, productivity, relationships and success
  • Your personal stress audit
  • Stress triggers and how to manage them
  • Mindset and thinking
  • The X Factors - nutrition, sleep and exercise
  • Managing difficult people and situations
  • Aligning with your needs and goals
  • Saying no
  • Work/life balance
  • Practical worksheets and activities to help you build your plan
  • How your habits could be affecting your stress

Primal Queen

  • By ordering an advance copy, you will be one of the first to receive the book as soon as it is off the presses!  Due in March 2019, Anderida Coaching will keep you updated with expected delivery dates.  

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