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Hello Everyone! Just a quick update on everything that is going on at Anderida Coaching! We've been going great guns the past few months. I've now settled in nicely in the therapy rooms in Hove which are really convenient for anyone in Brighton and superbly peaceful.

And... thanks to the new stop smoking page (, I am able to reach more people who finally what to give up smoking. On top of that, the webinar channel is now up and running ( the first webinar has gone live (on replay) all about interviewing and a new 10-week course on upping your inner game to reach your goals is about go to live with a free webinar to start it off. Make sure you get your spot here; there's even an intro video which goes live on the site this evening. You are all invited to join this community where I will be adding content in between webinars.

For business coaching (yes, a lot has been happening), I have now re-branded as Fusion Exponential and you can find me at Alternatively, FusionXP also has a business webinar channel which can be found at: There are some great employee engagement and employer branding webinars coming up. I've been delivering NLP for sales training and performance coaching for clients.

And finally!! As a little bit of a hobby-coaching project, I am about to embark on an NLP for riders 3-month course. I have had lots of interest and in the next couple of weeks I'll be kicking off with a volunteer who wants to improve their confidence, riding and competition prospects. This will be a service I'll be offering more widely, so keep an eye out for details and blogs on my volunteer's progress over the next 3 months! If you want to know more for you, email at

So there's a lot going on but there is always time to help you! What would you like to work on that will bring real benefit for your life or career? Whether you want to move past it, or move towards it, I can help! Speak soon! Alison

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