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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

It can feel easy to feel frustrated, or even thwarted by going round in circles to try and achieve weight loss, can't it? Denying yourself, feeling like being on a diet is anti-social, and the emotional rollercoaster of wanting something that the scales just aren't giving you. Then, having reached your goal, you come off the shakes and start living a little...and the weight starts piling back on. All too many of us have been in that yo-you situation with diets and fitness. You're not the only one, I've been there too. What if there was something vital missing from the this process which if addressed, would break down the walls to enabling us to achieve our goals of getting healthier and fitter?

Women Alone Waste £100k a Lifetime on Yoyo Dieting*

Sorry chaps, I don't have a stat for you but we could agree it's possible that it's similar. We all get stuck in this cycle of trying the next thing and the next for enabling us to lose the weight. Yet there is one thing these diets don't work on, and that's your mindset about yourself and your health and what you think about yourself, your beliefs about diet, exercise and health, your human and physical environments at work and at home and honestly, emotional events in your life all factor into your mindset and what you can achieve from it.

The Right Mindset Removes the Need for Willpower

Your willpower is a great tool in your conscious mind but it can easily get undermined by your thoughts, fears and emotions about how you feel about yourself and those things are driven by your unconscious mind which provides data to the conscious mind to make decisions.

If you have ever thought...

"I am not beautiful/handsome"

"The opposite sex don't find me attractive anyway, so what's the point?"

"I'm just no good at sport"

"I've never been able to lose that weight, it always comes back, so I'm a failure."

"That's just my shape, I can't do anything about it really but I'm trying."

"I don't have the time"

"I'm not good enough."

"I'm not worth it..."

or... insert your own limiting belief here [............................]; these are all fed by thoughts, fears and emotions driven in your unconscious mind which is more dominant, quite literally it is 90% of your brain function driving all your body functions. Emotions have a massive effect on our bodily health. You know it does;

  • It is the stress that goes to your stomach (and creates bloat) and drives you to comfort eat

  • it's when you see someone you haven't seen for ages that is the image of health because they are in love, or doing what they want in life and the weight has dropped off them;

  • look at the people who have left jobs or relationships that they were trapped by who look stronger and healthier than they ever have

  • you see it in the person whose partner has abandoned them and they pile on the pounds in water weight and fat

  • have you ever known a friend for whom something happened, recently or in the past, and they lack confidence around other people and by comparison food habits are a comfort?

Better Mindset - Better Life - Better Health

As a clinical hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner, I help clients transform their health by finding their intrinsic drivers; the things that motivate them from within. Most trainers and diet plans focus on external goals and drivers such as; 'achieve this by this time' but if a person isn't connected to that goal from their internal drivers, they need a heck of a lot of willpower to overcome the gremlins within that are just saying 'one little cake doesn't matter, you'll feel better, you've been working hard, one cake won't matter'. Together with clients we unravel the limiting beliefs and emotions that are blocking their goals or driving them to eat emotionally or avoid exercise; we identify the values that will get them to their goals, break habits and create new patterns of behaviour that contribute to vigour and health and even work to raise their metabolic rate. Beyond that, we also need to deal with work and life stress, sleep quality, life balance and other contributing factors that all affect the success of your health goals.

Deal with the mind and all the other fitness factors will fall into place. Working alongside the goals your fitness trainer or nutritionist give you, as my client you will gain greater strength, motivation and resourcefulness in yourself. You'll find you don't have to feel guilty about food any more, you can enjoy being sociable with friends around food and drink, enjoy the exercise you really love and by loving life more, you'll love your body more and as a result be fitter and healthier.

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