Slaying Your Dragons to Gain Business Freedom

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Firstly, Happy St. George's Day to all the English men and women reading this! A national day and a story that is about one man being in the right place, at the right time, picking up the right tool and making a decision to take action. Our hero slayed a devilish dragon who liked to feast on the town's people keeping them enslaved in fear. The town's people couldn't really see a way out of this mess other than offering more and more payment and resources in terms of sacrifices such as their Princess, in the hope that the problem might finally go away. Their decisions were focussed on the impact of one thing and the fear of the worst possible outcome.

All too often in our own business worlds, the microcosms and community we create, we get blinkered and protective. We stop seeing options and alternative outcomes because all we can see is the problem that is looming large and can't be ignored. We throw what we can at it (not generally sacrificial lambs in this day and age), in the hope that by throwing more at it, the problem will change. Sometimes we just need to get a different perspective. I have 8 questions to start the process for you...

What are the 3 big key factors in your business that if you slayed them right now, they would free you to achieve what you want and need?

What are the 3 factors in your professional career that are holding you back, de-motivating you or affecting your confidence to achieve more?

If you stepped outside your office, looked in through the windows as an observer and assessed what resources you need to resolve this; what would they be?

What would happen if you did get those resources?

What would happen if you didn't?

What wouldn't happen if you didn't?

What wouldn't happen if you did?

Where can you get assistance to get the resources you need?

No dragon will be slayed unless you take action. You will not get anywhere by closing the shutters either as a business or as an individual, as dragons breathe fire and don't go away unless you deal with them. You have a choice, you can be a villager and wait for someone else to solve your problem, or your can pick up your sword or lance or whatever tool or resource is appropriate, step forward and take action. You might suddenly find that the terrifying problem, like the dragon, can be led meekly wherever you take it once you have changed your strategy and suddenly it isn't actually as big a problem as you thought. Like the legend, you can access your inner St. George, overcome the problem, take the lead and deliver change.

What will you do to change your business or personal results today?

Alison Prangnell is a Development & Business Coach & Master NLP Practitioner enabling SMEs and individuals to create the change they need to achieve their goals. Find out more at or give Alison a call on 07786 268487.

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