Enabling Employee Potential & Motivation with NLP

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

How do you know that individuals or teams are demotivated or why they are not delivering? And if you do, do you have support processes in place to change it? It can all feel a little nebulous, can’t it? We’ve all been there, you’ve noticed slight signals emerging, a chat with the manager seems to give a short-term boost but then you are back to the same cycle of behaviour patterns and before you know it; performance has fallen through the floor.

Your employees are probably one of your single biggest investments in your business and because they are people, each one has different assets that they can bring to the business to help it flourish but at the same time they all have their own histories, experiences, emotions and lives outside of work that they bring with them. Some of those experiences hinder not help, lying unrecognised below a person’s behavioural habits such as procrastination, stress and lack of motivation. On the flip side, others have experience and skills that just need a little nurturing to really enable them to grow and for the business to benefit. One-to-one coaching can help both and it’s not just those on management tracks who would benefit from NLP or business coaching; the reality is the wider employee-base (which has a much greater impact across the business) benefits in terms of their motivation, growth and productivity created from individual coaching.

Take Anna* as an example. Anna worked for an SME of around 100 people. Anna was working as hard as she could. Her values were high. She wanted to ensure that her clients got the best possible service from her company and she had set high standards. She was the kind of employee that employers would love to have, dedicated, loyal, hard-working with a desire to deliver. Yet, she wasn’t delivering as she was racked by anxiety that was affecting her ability to work, even though she had been trying to cover it up and work through it. This was not, in this instance, anxiety created by work-stress, but anxiety from something that had happened earlier in her life that was now kicking into play every time she felt the stress build, she worried, or she had to stand up and be counted. Whenever she was put in this position, she was overcome by panic attacks, struggling to run a meeting or, at times, even speak. This had undermined her confidence and her productivity elsewhere in her work.

Through one-to-one NLP coaching, we identified what it was that had happened to her that had seeded the anxiety. Through NLP processes we were able to re-frame the event and resolve the emotions linked to it, so in essence with the emotions resolved, it no longer had an impact on her day-to-day working in the present. Her panic attacks went away as did her anxiety and not surprisingly her motivation and productivity went up and her results improved as she felt more able to do her job.

NLP coaching doesn’t have the be the type of business support service that is limited to global businesses. Having worked with start-up entrepreneurs and SMEs, the positive impact is even greater, as in smaller teams, each person’s individual contribution has an even greater importance to a company’s goals and enabling individuals to overcome limiting factors is a cost-effective way to reap dividends for productivity and profit.

Positive Impacts Across the Board

There are many examples of how NLP Coaching can help in the workplace. It is commonly known for its use for sales & negotiation training but it has even greater effectiveness as a coaching tool for sales teams (or any team) helping them retain focus and drive, eliminating negativity, lack of self-belief and countering the stress that can easily undermine a person’s sales figures.

One of my key areas of specialisation is stress. Work-related stress gets a lot of airtime these days (for good reason) but we also bring with us stress factors from outside of work, which when combined, quickly and effectively demobilise individual employees and whole teams. I use NLP to help people understand stress, their triggers and how to manage it more effectively, so they are happier at home and work. This goes further than straightforward ‘mindfulness’ which is important but doesn’t necessarily give you the tools to deal with stressful situations as they arise. From dealing with aggressive individuals & stressful events, to balancing workload and understanding the impact of how we think, I deal with all of these through Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP reaches even wider with its positive influence when applied to corporate communication skills and values and goals identification, to resolving personal challenges and improving sales, decision-making and creativity skillsets. NLP is a powerful tool that whether you are a start-up, SME or big business, helps to lift the fog, take the leaves off the line and set your business rolling faster along the track to its goals.

Alison Prangnell is a Master NLP Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist combining her skills with 25 years' of corporate experience, including at Senior Management Team-level. For more information today on how bespoke group workshops and training or one-to-one coaching will enable your business to be more engaged and productive, either send a message or Linked In or emailalison@anderidacoaching.co.uk.

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