Not Feeling the Joy? 9 Points for Happiness in 2018 & Beyond

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

It’s that time of year when we are supposed to be happy and feeling the joy aren’t we? That’s, of course, when we aren’t feeling the dread of last-minute Christmas shopping. If 2017 hasn’t been the year of ‘happy’ for you and you feel a bit stuck in the mud, then over this Christmas season, we’re going to look at how to get more ‘happy’ in your life and get the components together for a Happiness Plan for 2018.

WARNING – You will have to commit to take making some decisions…happiness demands your involvement!

Those who bring sunshine to others, cannot keep it from themselves.”

James M. Barrie

There is a recipe for happiness. Sometimes it has a little more of one ingredient than another but there is one ingredient that it simply cannot be made without, you. Sometimes to make your happiness cake rise higher, you need to sprinkle more of yourself into it. What I’m saying is, ready-made, off-the-shelf happiness cakes don’t exist. No-one can buy it for you and you can’t buy it for yourself and even if someone brings you an ingredient they think will make you happy…it still depends on chemical ingredients in your part of the recipe to see the happiness cake rise. Here is the basic recipe that we’ll cover together for the next few blogs, how you interpret the recipe is up to you. So, when you read these blogs, take a notepad and pen and take notes and ideas about how this recipe could be applied to your own life. Here is the quick-fire recipe which we'll be looking at in more detail over the coming blogs.

1) Clear, Achievable Goals – humans need purpose and drive and if you’re stuck in no-man’s land with no road map, no wonder you’re feeling frustrated. What is it that you’d like to do? Give yourself something to look forward to.

2) Caring About Others – connection to others is a core part of happiness, if you feel isolated why not volunteer at a local charity?

3) Appreciation and Gratitude for what’s around you builds positive happy feelings and changes your focus to the positive. Just stop, look and breathe!

4) Get Passionate! What do you love doing? Do it! Or find a new adventure/hobby to put your energy into – which leads onto…

5) Exercise & Nutrition – the body and the mind are connected and both exercise and nutrition feed the mind. Heard how the gut is now considered the second brain? We’ll go over this in more detail in the blog.

6) Watch Your Thoughts & Actions – you can’t choose events but you can choose how you react and think about it, which in turn determines your emotional response

7) Love & Accept Yourself – stop comparing yourself to others, focus on what you love and want to do. You cannot control what they think and do. If they don’t like who you are, then they are not qualified to be in your circle. You have talents and strengths, what are they?

8) Ditch Your Demons – let go of the past, it can’t serve you other than hold you back.

9) Don’t Audition for your Life – Take the Leading Role!

In essence, humans like us need key things in our lives. Different things will be more important at different life stages but essentially, we all seek meaning, purpose and contribution and that is what we’ll explore over this series of blogs and put together an action plan that you can implement in your life.

Let’s take 2018 by the happiness cahunas! See you for the first in the series; ‘The Happiness Plan 2018 – Goal Planning for Giggles’

Alison Prangnell is an NLP & Strategic Intervention Coach helping people out-perform their own expectations…want to see how you can break out and create a life you deserve and love…

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