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Hi, I'm Alison Prangnell.  I am a Master NLP Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a passion for health and mindset in life and business. Anderida Coaching is named after the forest where I grew up, Ashdown Forest. 


Anderida is its ancient name.  For me, forests symbolise longevity, strength and growth, being rooted to be able to weather storms and flourish when the storm abates.  All the things I believe we all need.  


My mission is to drive a cultural change within business of all sizes, improving working practices and managerial styles to reduce stress and as a result improve productivity and profit. 

Why is this my mission?  I have worked in senior management and in a range of business sectors, I have also been the victim of burnout and worked with colleagues (often also senior managers) buckling under the mental and physical effects of stress. Stress is the quiet, insidious factor to increasing sickness levels, presenteeism, absenteeism, a high turnover of staff and lack of productivity and engagement.  Carrot and stick is not driving your business, it's destroying it. 

Work with me to discover how your business is being affected and to develop training, executive coaching and cultural improvements to gain the resilient business you want and need. Discover more.

Private Client Coaching

Working with me on a one-to-one basis you gain a coach that  is passionate about creating change for clients on a 360 basis.  Mindset is core but so also is physical health.  Stress resilience is gained in part through developing the resilience of our chattering minds but also factors such as nutrition and sleep, to name but two.  

Whatever your goal, whether you want to move past emotional trauma, blocks, gain confidence or perhaps ditch anxiety, we will work on it from all angles to benefit both your professional and personal life.  See more here. 

Events & Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak at conferences, company events, wellbeing events or for executive workshops.  A selection of key topics are stress, employee engagement and motivation, employee wellbeing, sleep.  Recent  and forthcoming engagements include:

18th June 2019 - Panellist - Achieve a Better Worklife Balance with Flexibility Matters, CIPD & Brighton & Hove Chamber

29th May 2019 - Stress Mastermind Group for Directors - contact me to request an invitation

12th April 2019 - Podcast guest! Information to follow!

14th March 2019 - Panellist - Achieve a Better Work Life Balance - Spring Forward Festival, Brighton

28th February 2019 - Sussex Police Wellbeing Training Day - Managing Stress

February 2019 - ChangeFest - online masterclass series (goal-setting, stress, sleep)

Need a speaker or trainer for an event?  Email me to see how I could help. 

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