Stress & Wellbeing Coaching & Training for Business

How stressed is your business and how much is it affecting your profits?

To what extent would lower staff turnover and sickness rates positively affect your bottom line?

Are there people in your business who should be performing better but you can't put your finger on why?


12.5 million working days are lost each year due to stress, depression and anxiety (HSE) and the statistics are growing. 

25% of workers struggle to be productive at work when experiencing stress & 22% report feeling disengaged.

We can't eliminate stress in life completely but we can develop more resilient staff and workplace cultures that are
more productive and profitable. Talk to us about how.

The Resilience Coaching Programme for Executives and Employees
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Wellbeing Coaching & Training
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Personal Development, Health & Mindset
"As part of Brighton and Hove Investigations annual training day I had planned an afternoon regarding staff welfare both physical and mental for our staff. Alison attended and gave a presentation on stress and maintaining mental health, the talk was very well received and for the days afterwards I could hear staff talking about it. A number of officers approached me and talked about having acted on the information provided by Alison and were already seeing improvements with their sleep and stress levels. It was an absolute success, and I suspect that absences due to these issues are likely to reduce."
DI Chris Thompson, Sussex Police
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Brighton & Hove

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